Olga 500 ml Travel Kettle 1000 watts

995 575


Conveyable, lightweight and compact, the Olga Travel Kettle from Maggi is a tourist’s best friend. Your welfare and safety is thoroughly ensured with a cool touch body, and a Teflon coated and sealed die casted heating element. It takes off lickety-split, heating water in a flash. It’s auto-cut off technology further ensures that you are safeguarded even given the slightest of errors from your side. Its built-in thermostat prevents the elements from dry-heating and the body is also equipped with a light indicator lamp. The most reasonably priced and handy of all kettles you’d find, the Olga Travel Kettle is a worthy bargain one would seldom overlook.



220-240 volt

1000 watts

capacity 500 ml.  (4 cups)

travel kettle, can use in train plug also


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